Welcome to Revival

Born from over 10 years of creating national and international TV commercial productions at Peñabrand, Revival is a creative production family. Led by Director Luis Peña, we’re a team, of seasoned Creatives, Producers, and Production Crew, all with the single minded goal of making something beautiful together.

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Broadcast Production

We strive to create beautiful TV. Revival is Executive Producer, Stephanie Farmer and Director Luis Peña. Stephanie and Luis have over 20+ years of advertising broadcast production experience both from the agency side to client direct. Her beautiful charm, fierce intellect and her love of the human process and sense of humor is what we consider our special sauce. Luis’ gift to see the world in his wide-eyed, holy-shit-this-is-amazing way, allows him to notice things most people miss - like the small fragments of truth, beauty, and the unexpected that make up great film & photography.

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Think / Make

This is our roots. Some clients need a big idea from beginning to end and we love partnering on projects with clients to create powerful ad campaigns that have lasted for years. Creatively led by Luis Peña and his select team of award winning writers, designers and artists. We like to team up with clients and create campaigns that are much bigger than just little ole’ us. We’ve had fun doing this for clients like LegalZoom, Fitbit, Ancestry, Strava, Playstation, and more.